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Read Richard Colson's survey of the Takeaway Festival from the present back to its inception in 2006. It will also offer some clues as to the future direction that the Festival may take. It is dedicated to everyone who is committed to exploring open source approaches to knowledge acquisition and dissemination and to all friends and supporters of the Festival over the past five years. read more...


Marcus Lyall's Pitch Control commissioned for the 2009 Takeaway Festival is at Watermans in Brentford March 6th - April 18th. You can perform in Pitch Control yourself. Created by ace musical artist Marcus Lyall who has created effects for U2, The Chemical Brothers, The Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi it features a virtual choir who will accompany you as you play the keyboard. Watermans Link


Takeaway announces a collaborative project for artists with Infinite Power Solutions a US company in the forefront of the development of energy harvesting micro modules. These are small scale integrated units that can harvest energy from light, heat and movement. They make possible independent electronic devices at the kind of scale not seen before. The company is willing to support artists' projects utilizing the technology in innovative ways. Here is the invitation from Richard Percival IPS Director Worldwide Sales. read more...


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The Takeaway Festival is a not for profit organization. Since 2006, it has been run by a small group of activists/theorists who have been determined to widen the impact of open source philosophies on the creative fields of digital and networked media.

The Festival would like to encourage the widest possible participation in its next stage of development and this site is now focused on ensuring that those who are interested can register as members and begin to pool their ideas and get more involved. Please REGISTER and sign up for our newsletter and receive other information.



The Takeaway Festival provides an opportunity for artists and designers from both the UK and abroad to exhibit their work in a professional sympathetic environment. The exhibitions offer public support and response for artists whose practice involves the use of technologies either on the edge of their own knowledge or outside accepted methodologies currently available to artists/designers. The Festival puts out a call for participation well in advance and has also been able to commission work using specific technologies or approaches.


The Takeaway Festival has attracted a wide variety of speakers from the UK and abroad. These valuable contributions have added breadth and dimension to each year's events adding a wealth of experience to the mix of thinking across key aspects of contemporary culture. The Festival has often been at the forefront of new developments and has facilitated an early engagement with important issues raised by new technology.


The Takeaway Festival is a live event and emphasizes the crucial role of the audience and its participation. The Do-It-Yourself philosophy of Takeaway encourages visitors to get involved with the lively programme of contributors on stage. Each audience member has their own unique take on what's happening and this is a valuable element in the whole experience.


The creative use of language is an example of an ancient technology coming to life once again as new forms, new idioms and syntax are discovered. Language strikes us again with all its elemental force in live poetry sessions.


The Takeaway Festival has been at the leading edge of the technological revolution. It has put on free workshops that have helped to engage artists and designers with new kinds of practice. RFID, iPhone, Arduino and much much more.

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