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Wireless sensor networks - research group


SquidBee is a wireless sensing mote which measures temperature, relative humidity and intensity of light at the same time and wirelessly sends data to a central monitoring Gateway. This tutorial is intended to provide a quick assembly guide for those who want to build a SquidBee through easy construction steps.

In this article we are going to show how to improve a SquidBee mote adding GPS position using the GPS module from Libelium. To the three usual sensors (temperature, humidity and light) now we add the physical position as a sensor. With this improvement into the motes our sensor network is able to provide the coordinates of each node in real time.

Here we have the classic presence detector built in a SquidBee mote. We use a PIR sensor integrated with an on-board circuitry and a Fresnel lens, suitable for detecting presence from anything emitting infrared radiation up to a distance of 6m, and connect it to a wireless emitter in order to receive the corresponding alarm. The mote is also prepared to remain in a low-consumption state, making it suitable for battery-powered applications.