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tag: Robots

iPhoneRobot: The iPhone Lego NXT Mindstorms Robot Demo


This is a demonstration of iPhone to Lego NXT Robot communication via the Safari browser and Lego's Light Sensor. To build this, you'll need a laptop, two iPhones, and a Lego NXT Robotics Kit. First, build your robot. Second write some Java LeJOS Robot code. Third write some Google Web Toolkit web application code. Fourth, plug in your iPhone into the robot, and use either a browser or another iPhone to drive the Lego Robot! Full details on building your own, and using this approach for other robot ideas are below. Now wouldn't it be great if the next Lego Mindstorms Robot Brick had Wifi? See and read more

Theo Jansen, strandbeests - kinetic sculptors

First time seen at the Ars Electronica 2005 see more from Theo Jansen:

Braitenberg Vehicles

Valentino Braitenberg describes a series of thought experiments in which "vehicles" with simple internal structure behave in unexpectedly complex ways. He describes simple control mechanisms that generate behaviors that, if we did not already know the principles behind the vehicles' operation, we might call aggression, love, foresight and even optimism. Braitenberg gives this as evidence for the "law of uphill analysis and downhill invention," meaning that it is much more difficult to try to guess internal structure just from the observation of behavior than it is to create the structure that gives the behavior. Read more  about:

Trossenrobotics - roboparts