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Arduino + Xbee (Zigbee) Tutorial {By} Taiwan


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Arduino Drum Machine


A drum machine built from an Arduino board, some resistors, two pots, two DIP switches and two 4021 shift registers.

One of the pots controls the sampling rate and the other controls the delay between notes.

The two DIP switches set the notes. There are eight beats in the loop. Each beat is set by the combination of the two switches.

Info, Code, Schematic:  


DIY kit lets houseplants Twitter when they need water


The struggle to keep your houseplants watered is getting a little help. A group called Botanicalls (Kate Hartman, Kati London, Rebecca Bray, and Rob Faludi) has come up with a method to monitor your plants remotely, then be Twittered when they need some water. Reed more

Arduino and Silvia: Two Italians and one cup of espresso


The typically straight-up espresso maker is now controlled electronically, allowing integration of a calendar, sleep timer, wake-up alarm, and temperature regulation. The system also allows a user to time its functions (to get that perfect cup of espresso),

Arduino gets downsized, becomes the Nano


The new Arduino Nano is the smallest and most versatile Arduino board yet. Designed and manufactured by US-based Gravitech, it has all the functionality of an Arduino Diecimila in a compact, breadboard-ready design. The Nano includes an ATmega168 microcontroller (w/ bootloader), integrated USB (FTDI chip) w/ Mini-B jack, a full complement of i/o pins (including two more analog inputs than the Diecimila), an ICSP programming header, and on-board regulator.

the Nano will be available from Gravitech in June for an economical $49.99.-


6-pack - Arduino-based controller

"6-pack is an open-ended, highly customisable, and ultra-portable physical controller based on the Arduino board. 6-pack is an Arduino shield consisting of 6 linear potentiometer sliders that can be assigned to different variables in the user's preferred software. It can be used to control a wide array of audio/video applications, from software synthesizers to HDJ systems. All, with a minimal footprint (3,5" x 2,5") and on the cheap (just a fraction of the cost of an equivalent MIDI interface). The project is open source. Schematics and source code included." 6-pack was developed by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Alex Posada see link: 6-pack

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