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Maker Faire


Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful people of all ages and backgrounds who like to tinker and love to make things.

i phone selfmade

the replica - sculpture market drives to new mastership, see link

Furni kicks of DIY design competition with DIY clock kit

DI whY? Because we believe in you guys!! When we first started out I would have killed to be able to purchase the “guts” of an LED alarm clock so I could have made numerous prototypes without having to take apart and rewire my folks old school woodgrain alarm clock!!!

These kits have the display, breakout board with the “buttons” and the power supply (all the same features as our Gator and Alba clocks) All you need to do is make a cool case to house them in!! Think of this as a Skill Defining Kit, we will supply you with the parts and support, all you have to do is put the parts in your own pretty case!!


Gegenalltag presents Mariela Gemisheva and Jasper Garvida

MAK NITE© fashion
Mariela Gemisheva (Bulgarien, Sofia), "Spider House"
Jasper Gervida (UK, London), "Bride of Frankenstein"
Modepräsentation -Gastkuratorin: Jasmin Ladenhaufen

Die bulgarische Designerin Mariela Gemisheva und der englische Modemacher Japser Garvida stellen in der MAK NITE© fashion aktuellste Kollektionen vor. Die von Mariela Gemisheva geleitete Design-Klasse der Nationalen Kunst Akademie Sofia hat unter dem Label der Künstlerin eine Sommerkollektion mit dem Titel „Spider’s House“ entworfen. Symbolhaft zu Mustern von Spinnennetzen verwobene Linien, Figuren, Bedeutungen und Legenden bestechen in den Kreationen, deren Schnitt sich an der Form von Schirmen orientiert.

Jasper Garvida ließ sich in seiner ersten Prêt-à-porter-Kollektion „Bride of Frankenstein“ (Herbst/Winter 2007/08) von Gustav Klimts sinnlichen Musen und Hans Bellmers erotisierenden Darstellungen weiblicher Körper inspirieren. In Anlehnung an Bellmers Illustrationen sind seine Kreationen, die auf bestickten und mit Spitzenbesatz versehenen Stoffen basieren, vor allem in schwarz und weiß gehalten.

6-pack - Arduino-based controller

"6-pack is an open-ended, highly customisable, and ultra-portable physical controller based on the Arduino board. 6-pack is an Arduino shield consisting of 6 linear potentiometer sliders that can be assigned to different variables in the user's preferred software. It can be used to control a wide array of audio/video applications, from software synthesizers to HDJ systems. All, with a minimal footprint (3,5" x 2,5") and on the cheap (just a fraction of the cost of an equivalent MIDI interface). The project is open source. Schematics and source code included." 6-pack was developed by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Alex Posada see link: 6-pack

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Volksware , does not have its own production line, but Volksware labels the products of the people. Products, that have an emotional value for their owners, receive the Volksware label and become a Volksware – that means, “people’s product”. The Volksware shop is presented in galleries in different cities. People can bring their very personal clothes and they get the Volksware label on it. Each label has its own number and can be found on the internet with a peronsal story and photpgraphy.

Volksware is the name of a brand. It exists since 1999. Volksware works in projects. Each idea is presented as a product, a “Volks’ Ware” that means “people’s product” or “product for people”. The product is presented as a concept, an unic specimen, a limited edition or as a product without its own production. The form of the product depends on the idea and concept that the project is about. Volksware is presented in galeries, shops, fairs, puplic spaces and other events that offer the best background and platform for each Volksware project; like for example the “Passagen 2003” while the Furniture Fair in Cologne (GE), the Centraal Museum in Den Haag (NL), Montevideo, the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam (NL), Artforum in Berlin (GE) or the Designmai in Berlin (GE). Volksware explores the function of consumptions goods in the current time. The main focus is the meaning of consuming for the customer, the value creation of consumer products and its effect on the consumer. The project ©VOLKSWARE (2000) works on the emotional value of consumption goods for its owners; and the following project VOLKSWARE heim (2001) is looking at the forms of these goods, that invite the consumer for such an emotional value. The VOLKSWARE coat, € 759.987,20, the most expensive coat in the world (2004) is a project about the value creation of these goods. In how far does an already defined value of a product influence the consumer in its social, cultural and economic life? The VOLKSWARE carpet - a yard good (2005), questions the effects of the ‘over’-supply and mass production of products on the consumer. The interest of Volksware is the mass of products and not the brand of products. Volksware shell lead to a discussion about the sense and function of design and production in the current time.

Addictlab Brussels

Jonah Peretti asked Nike

Nike's website allows visitors to create custom shoes bearing a word or slogan--a service Nike trumpets as being about freedom to choose and freedom to express who you are. Jonah Peretti took it serious and asked for "sweatshop" on the boots, read here what happened at: Snopes

Here the freedom site: users can customize a Nike iD shoe using their mobile phone.
Nike iD and Adidas has launched their own "customized" sneaker program, Mi Adidas Adidas . Every year, in the UK, 900,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown into landfills. Worn Again believes some things are just too good to go to waste... Worn again The Spring Collection is here and things couldn't be better in Worn Again world, where everything - from prison blankets, car seats, e-leather and reclaimed jeans - is given a second chance in life. New styles abound, including groovy sandals made from car seat belts and tires and accessories, handmade in the UK. For completion here the culture jammers boots Adbusters black spot shoes .

Etsy all handmade


Artisan community on line, Etsy and is becoming a serious marketplace for handmade, artisan artworks and crafts. was foundet by Rob Kalin, Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik creating a artisan online community.

"I'd like to fundamentally change the way world commerce works. Not just fair practices but encouraging people to make what they need and to value handmade items," said Kalin., founded in 2005 and is based in Brooklyn, N.Y. 200,000 registered users include 42,000 sellers, sellers join free and are charged 20 cents to list each item. takes 3.5 percent of each sale. Sellers must track their own sales and pay their own taxes. Women make up 80 percent of site users, according to