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tag: Free speach

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir exorcise a Starbucks cash register, sending money back to Ethiopian coffee farmers. Starbucks is blocking Ethiopians from trademarking specialty coffee names, where a trademark could help them negotiate a higher sale price.

Jonah Peretti asked Nike

Nike's website allows visitors to create custom shoes bearing a word or slogan--a service Nike trumpets as being about freedom to choose and freedom to express who you are. Jonah Peretti took it serious and asked for "sweatshop" on the boots, read here what happened at: Snopes

Here the freedom site: users can customize a Nike iD shoe using their mobile phone.
Nike iD and Adidas has launched their own "customized" sneaker program, Mi Adidas Adidas . Every year, in the UK, 900,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown into landfills. Worn Again believes some things are just too good to go to waste... Worn again The Spring Collection is here and things couldn't be better in Worn Again world, where everything - from prison blankets, car seats, e-leather and reclaimed jeans - is given a second chance in life. New styles abound, including groovy sandals made from car seat belts and tires and accessories, handmade in the UK. For completion here the culture jammers boots Adbusters black spot shoes .

Speakers Corner 20.05.07 Jamel

Speakers Corner 20.05.07 Jamel