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ITS Talent

What do we do?

In a normal weekday passing through our headquarter you may see pc working, graphics developing, sharp timetables programming, international communication broadcasting, hidden-talents-in-remote-schools hunting, a lot of trouble-shooting and so on … You may hear different music coming from the different desks floating on several magic carpets; it goes from jazz to indietronic to drum n bass to whatever ... (sometimes we like to keep a 80 person orchestra in the closet to relax in those high pressure days by listening to classical scores )... you will smell scented incenses and yummy cake fragrances in the air, and you will hear laughs and shouts (normally more laughs but, it depends)... you could ask for important advice to the wise long bearded hermit hidden in the microwave oven or you may cross the Inuit family who lives in the meeting room igloo (hey look... the seal had puppies!!); have some fun with Roswell landed green man who swims in the tub(beware he is sometimes touchy)... and discover other wonders around...

ITS#LAND is waiting for you and your family to experience an amazing weekend! What are you waiting for? You can't miss our brand new attraction: the inflatable jury member!

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