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What is Takeaway?

The aims of the Takeaway Festival which can be summarised as follows:

1)      To provide a forum for debate, research and consideration of the theoretical implications inherent in the existing use of technology as it relates to artistic practice.
2)      To continue to provide a platform and hence public support for artists whose practice involves the use of technologies either on the edge of their own knowledge or outside accepted methodologies currently available to artists/designers.
3)      To nurture the practice of artists at a stage in their career where there may be few opportunities to present their work to an audience sufficiently familiar with their chosen media to provide them with the kind of feedback that will assist them to develop further.
4)      To provide access to free workshops for artists and designers so that they can engage with technologies that may be unfamiliar to them or where fees for training are normally too expensive for them.
5)      To develop a genuine open source approach to knowledge and specialized expertise so that advancements in the technological domain can be appropriated and owned by all and that as a corollary, proprietary licensing’s dominance is challenged by more democratic marketing models.