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Takeaway Poetry

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7 years 24 weeks ago network As part of the Enter¬¬¬ Unknown territories festival and conference, Cambridge, Mark Dixon developed a major site-specific installation for the domes on Parker's Piece. He explored the visualisation of the wireless information that surrounds us but is rarely acknowledged. Using 3000 wireless detectors and 6000 ultra bright LEDs Dixon created a work that visibly responded to mobile phone use in a public environment. Each day, workshop participants were actively encouraged to hack and to add to the lighting array that was visible all through the night. On the last day of the Festival the Network was broken down and handed out to festival goers and distributed throughout the city. A short movie of this ephemeral artwork will be available at... 2007, Poetry
7 years 25 weeks ago slub visual and textual algorithms meet to make beautiful earbleed gabba. slub have been making people dance to their software across Europe since the year 2000. 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago RichardRichard notes scrawled in thick dust lying on the kitchen floor scared to move scared to live lying on the kitchen floor 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago James Kettle James Kettle the best thing to come out of oxford since morse he is desperately angry – but very good weaving stories like so many oversized morrissey-faced spiders he doesn’t have much luck with 'the women' 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago Beulah Benadam Images: about images she says: I do not normally do them 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago Peter Alexander penertrating your ears producing poiniant parables percluding to a painful future providing poetic pleasure pleasntly peter alexander punk poet 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago Guy Jackson Storyteller USA 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago Ronie McGrath Surreal 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago John Jazzman Jazzy 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago Noel Macken Surreal 2007, Poetry
7 years 26 weeks ago CUNTSTUNT Take It As A Gift! CUNTSTUNT Take It As A Gift! Performance/Lecture, or at least something along those lines "I am glad I am an anarchist which everyone should be to counteract the ruling class lies and thus to be truly free!" Queen Silver, the godless girl mixed up in Cuntstunt issue 2. The zine Cuntstunt arised from the idea to share not only the output or conclusions of our investigations but also the super stuff we found somewhere in between in an adequate way to ourselves and other people.It is a medium for stuff, photos, drawings and collages which get usually lost in some drawers, paper piles or hard disks. It's all about bringing stuff we collected or produced by ourselves back on paper, to kind of rescue the data that set us on fire from get... 2007, Poetry