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Takeaway Performance

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5 years 24 weeks ago SLUB Slub sound emerges from slub software; melodic and chordal studies, beat processes and video games. Software is coded from scratch during a performance using slub-made language environments, music and video growing in complexity with the code. The result is a kind of improvised ambient gabba. Slub is composed of Adrian Ward, Dave Griffiths and Alex McLean. 2009, Performance
5 years 24 weeks ago Raw Metal Raw Metal is an interactive musical performance that has been constructed chiefly with metal, both in the actual and sonic senses. Every sound utilised by Raw Metal has been sourced entirely from the recording of metal objects. Audiences are invited to both accompany as well as actively contribut to Raw Metal’s pre-composed material, by selecting and striking metal objects before a microphone. Resultant sounds will be manipulated, struck and contorted into new aural shapes as the the inner sonicallities of metal sound, both percussive and resonant, are explored. 2009, Performance
6 years 42 weeks ago Jon Cambeul: Wacom Guitar The Speech Guitar is an instrument to create Coral music by chance, improvisation and emotionally expressed synthesized speech. The project considers possibilities of using an appropriated, modified Graphics Tablet combined with joystick potentiometers as a device for parametric control of a library of custom software patches to edit the Mac OS speech manager. Playing the instrument the performer emulates a guitarist, although the same control can be obtained with the graphics tablet and Joystick laying on a table and with the performer sitting in front of a computer. It is important for the performance to have an interface similar to that of a musical instrument. Holding the graphics tablet in a similar way as a guitar and drawing upon... Performance, 2006
6 years 42 weeks ago The Handydandy A brief introduction into computer generated network music and strategies for performing BluetoothRock. Further, the handydandy will present some done works in the field of augmented soundscape architectures and tactics for Guerilla Gigs. The show/presentation will start á la carte like mille plateaux and will end up in an nickelsdorf-gian krautrock-mazurka-blast-off! The question remains: what sounds beyond? Performance, 2006
6 years 42 weeks ago Julean Simon: wax2- midi wind controller concert Julean Simon plays a wind controller and is one of a few specialists for this type of instrument worldwide. He primarily uses physical modeling synthesis and programs dynamic voice control (MAX/ MSP). He is interested in the variability and playability of electronic voices and developed special playing techniques - e.g. polyphonic multivoice playing. His works can be seen as cross-over of contemporary music, new jazz and experimental electronic music with a strong improvisational approach. He performs solo and in various ensembles, sometimes integrating other media such as digital images, video, light, dance, etc. In 2005 the CD [polimer]isation has been published at Konnex-Records." Performance, 2006
6 years 42 weeks ago Akamatsu & Oishi: Breadboard band The Breadboard Band is one that uses a breadboard to perform music. A breadboard is a board that is perforated with connector holes into a grid-shape, to which electronic components are inserted in order to build a prototype of an electronic circuit. The electronic components can be inserted or removed with ease, making it simple to change the wiring with jumper cables. Utilizing the features of the breadboard, The Breadboard Band creates audio and visual circuits on the board, and modifies them during performance. Today, 100 years from the public performance in 1906 of the Telharmonium, the first electronic musical instrument, The Breadboard Band raises objections toward black-box electronic musical instruments and computers. This... Performance, 2006
7 years 26 weeks ago tbc tbc 2007, Performance
7 years 26 weeks ago Steal this film Part One The first part of STEAL THIS FILM focused mostly on The Pirate Bay, the Piratbyrån and the events around and after the raid that happened at TPB in autumn 2006. Actually, we took a lot more material than this, and asked (for example) a lot of questions about the future of creativity, about how media control works (e.g., how it manages to convince us about the need for constant War, or at least placate us while it's happening) and about whether, and how, the types of organisation we're now working on together can serve us better. All this material was left out of the final edit of the first part because we were committed to making a 30-ish minute first part. In part two we want to treat these kinds of issues. We want to talk to the... 2007, Performance
7 years 26 weeks ago Timelines Someth;ng is a creative practice focused on interaction design. The company's aim is to explore emerging technologies and their relationship with people, and then design project applications that enhance the user's experience. Someth;ng work with four different platforms: Interactive Screen: Complex narratives presented intuitively. Interactive installations: Tangible interfaces and responsive multimedia sculptures and objects. Interactive environments: Spaces that respond to the visitor and their relation with the room and each other. Interactive architecture: Façades and urban spaces that sense the environment and communicate with their dwellers. 2007, Performance