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DIY - How to Make a Zine; Paper, Scissors, Pen


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I added a button for international orders

This is a DIY I did on how to make a one sheet Zine.

D-I-Y - a real American Hero!
Remember Kids, Folding is Half the Battle

you'll need:
One piece of paper
and a Pen

featuring the voice of

Information on getting your own copy of the Zine is coming. I promise. but leave a comment bugging me, so I do it.


I just found photo tutorial on the process as well at Flickr

Her layout actually puts the cover and back cover in the center. So just goes to show you how mailable this design is :D

US & International orders for the zine here:

Safe DIY abortions could be on the way


UK government advisers are paving the way to making abortions more accessible for women after recommending that do-it-yourself terminations are safe to perform. (Mifepristone detaches the foetus from the womb). Comments by leading medical associations suggest that laws could be relaxed to allow women to take drugs that induce a miscarriage while at home. They also conclude that women should no longer have to seek the signatures of two doctors if they want an early abortion, as it can cause unnecessary delay and distress.,,30100-1223068,00.html


This is the 3-wheel car that gets over 200mpg as a plug-in hybrid, and looks like it's straight out of a 70s science fiction movie.


via []


Rotomotion designs, manufactures and operates helicopter robots (a.k.a. UAV) and aerial robotic systems and components. Rotomotion systems are designed to be affordable aerial platforms for small cameras and other sensor payloads.

i phone selfmade

the replica - sculpture market drives to new mastership, see link

Build your own Quadrocopters

Times magazine got inspiration from takeaway


Students Invent Green Electric Motorcycle


High schoolers Ben Gulak and Jason Morrow, both 18, displayed their vehicle at a recent Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Albuquerque. Besides being cool, the bike is also green. It produces zero emissions, and the inventors hope it will be used in cities due to its compact size. Reed more


The FreedomCAR

The FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies (FCVT) Program is developing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly highway transportation technologies that will enable America to use less petroleum. The long-term aim is to develop "leap frog" technologies that will provide Americans with greater freedom of mobility and energy security, while lowering costs and reducing impacts on the environment.

Researchers think pink to produce 'green' solar energy

Scientists here have developed new dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) that get their pink color from a mixture of red dye and white metal oxide powder in materials that capture light.
Currently, the best of these new pink materials convert light to electricity with only half the efficiency of commercially-available silicon-based solar cells -- but they do so at only one quarter of the cost, said Yiying Wu.