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Sense & Locate
Reflecting the development of wireless sensors, using both traditional RFID-based technology and new mesh network-based technology, this event will explore wireless location and sensing.

Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) encompasses RFID, USID (ultrasound identification), SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), NFER (Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging), Infrared and UWB (Ultrawide band). The benefits of an instant and accurate account of assets and people means that RTLS is being used in manufacturing, healthcare, the military, postal and courier, leisure and retail sectors.

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) otherwise known as Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN) will be used to automatically monitor building occupancy and climate control, oil and gas pumping, forest fires, avalanches, the effect and likely effect of hurricanes, traffic, hospitals and much more over wide areas over the coming years. The WSN industry will grow rapidly to exceed two billion dollars in yearly sales in the next ten years and about six billion dollars during the following ten years. In addition, new this year is coverage of energy harvesting and energy storage for small electronic devices.

With a proven track record in organising RFID, Printed Electronics and Smart Packaging events, IDTechEx is applying its expertise in facilitating business to this event dedicated to locating and sensing.


RFID Market Size in China


RFID Market Size in China

China has become the world's largest market for RFID by value. In 2008 the spend on RFID in East Asia will be $2.8 billion of $5.29 billion spent globally. The majority of this - $1.96 billion - is just in China. This is because of a peak in delivery of national identification cards in China prior to the 2008 Olympics. About $1.65 billion is being spent on 220 million of these cards, plus their associated systems, being delivered in 2008 out of a project commitment of $6 billion, the largest of any RFID project in the world. In addition to this, $310 million will be spent on other RFID tags and their systems.
However, as the deliveries of the national ID card saturate, the Chinese RFID market will sink below the US, and probably Japan, in value - but it will still be growing very fast. Within ten years the RFID market in China will more than compensate for the drop in delivery of national ID cards, buoyant sectors including animal tagging, transport, cash replacement cards, secure access, manufacturing, military and supply chain applications.
Some of the RFID potential in China is shown in the table below.
Source: IDTechEx RFID in China 2008-2018.
RFID suppliers in China
The leading 12 RFID companies in China account for $722 million of the Chinese RFID market in 2008 - 36.8% of the total $1.96 billion RFID market in China. IDTechEx finds that the top eight RFID operations in China were all contractors of the national ID card scheme.
Two hundred other local and foreign suppliers share the remaining $1.24 billion market value. These suppliers include foreign chip suppliers who have played a major part in RFID applications in China. For example, NXP supplied chips for the Beijing public transit cards and campus cards, and Inside Contactless won the Ministry of Communication order for the seven million transportation certificates. Other chip suppliers active in the Chinese market include Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, lnfineon, EM Microelectronics, Atmel, etc. It also includes numerous local interrogator suppliers and system integrators for contactless smart card rollouts in their respective cities, such as national ID card schemes and public transit cards. For example, Shanghai Public Transport Card Co (SPTCC) was founded in 1999 by local government, major transportation companies, and technology suppliers located in the city. The sole purpose of this company is to implement and coordinate the public transport card project. State-owned companies of similar structure and function had been established in Beijing, Guangzhou, and most of the other 80 cities with transit card schemes ongoing. Annual sales revenues of these companies vary from several million dollars to tens of thousands. Covering inlays, tickets, cards and all other forms of RFID, this report addresses the suppliers and biggest users. For those wishing to understand the RFID market in China, including forecasts and players, this is a must-have report.

Thoroughly researched report with new information.
This report is the summation of extensive new research by IDTechEx analysts including Chinese native Ning Xiao. Many companies in China were visited and interviewed to obtain this information, which is not available elsewhere. The 317 page report covers over 150 companies developing RFID in China, actual and potential sales, successes and impediments, standards, frequencies and 92 case studies. This is your complete guide to RFID in China, giving an unprecedented level of insight into what is really happening.

Table of Contents
1.1.    RFID
1.2.    The RFID value chain
1.3.    Where tags are placed
1.4.    The RFID market in China
1.5.    Market Drivers and Barricades
1.5.1.    Government Initiatives
1.5.2.    Industrial Initiatives
1.5.3.    Main barriers
1.5.4.    Mandates
1.6.    Standard and Frequency Allocation
1.7.    Industry
1.7.1.    Regions and Local Suppliers
1.7.2.    Market Segments by Frequencies
1.7.3.    Most Developed Application Sectors
1.7.4.    Highly Potential Application Sectors
1.7.5.    Timeline
1.8.    The IDTechEx Knowledgebase
1.9.    Global RFID Ultimate potential
1.9.1.    Potential for different applications
2.1.    Largest RFID Orders in China
2.1.1.    Largest RFID Orders in China to date
2.1.2.    Imminent Largest RFID Orders in China (IDTechEx estimate)
2.1.3.    Ultimate Largest RFID Orders in China (IDTechEx estimate)
2.2.    Airlines and airports
2.3.    Animals and Farming
2.3.1.    Animal Tagging
2.3.2.    Food Safety
2.4.    Books, Libraries, Archiving
2.5.    Financial, Security, Safety
2.5.1.    Financial cards
2.5.2.    City Cards
2.5.3.    Secure access
2.5.4.    ID Cards
2.5.5.    Major Events
2.5.6.    Student Cards
2.5.7.    Tracking Coal Miners and Prisoners
2.5.8.    Dangerous item management
2.6.    Healthcare
2.7.    Land and Sea Logistics, Postal
2.7.1.    Postal
2.7.2.    Warehouse Management
2.7.3.    Container Tracking
2.8.    Leisure, Sports
2.9.    Manufacturing
2.9.1.    Apparel
2.9.2.    Appliances
2.9.3.    Automotive
2.9.4.    Containers and Ships
2.9.5.    Steel, Mining, Construction
2.9.6.    Computer and Electronic Products
2.10.    Military
2.11.    Passenger Transport, Automotive
2.11.1.    Public Transit Cards
2.11.2.    Road Tolling
2.11.3.    Rail Tickets
2.11.4.    Train Tracking
2.11.5.    Vehicle Identification and Tracking
2.12.    Retail, Consumer Goods
2.12.1.    Supply Chain Management
2.12.2.    Customer Service
2.12.3.    Anti-counterfeiting
2.12.4.    Retailer Mandates - review at end of 2007
3.1.    Region Overview
3.1.1.    Yangtze River Delta (YRD)
3.1.2.    Pearl River Delta (PRD)
3.1.3.    Beijing
3.2.    Major RFID Operations in China
3.2.1.    Largest RFID Operations in China and Their Global Position
3.2.2.    Major RFID Operations in China categorised by functions and frequencies
3.3.    Yangtze River Delta Region
3.3.1.    National RFID Industrial Base
3.3.2.    Huahong Group
3.3.3.    Shanghai Huahong NEC
3.3.4.    Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd
3.3.5.    Shanghai Belling
3.3.6.    Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC)
3.3.7.    Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Co Ltd
3.3.8.    Shanghai HSIC Application System Co Ltd
3.3.9.    Shanghai Shenbo Intelligent ID Technology Co Ltd
3.3.10.    Shanghai Refine Information Technologies
3.3.11.    Shanghai Super Electronic Technology Co. Ltd
3.3.12.    Nanjing Sample Group
3.3.13.    Jiangsu Raifu Intelligent Tech Co Ltd
3.3.14.    Shanghai RFID Intelligent Label System Technology Co
3.3.15.    Shanghai Global Intelligence Co., Ltd.
3.3.16.    Shanghai KTI Ltd
3.3.17.    Shanghai Fizi RFID System Ltd
3.3.18.    Hangzhou Enjoyor Electronics Co Ltd.
3.3.19.    Shanghai Huayuan Electronic Corp. Ltd.
3.3.20.    Shanghai Chinetek Corporation
3.3.21.    Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co Ltd
3.3.22.    Shanghai CityID Co. Ltd
3.3.23.    Wuxi Fofia Technology Co., Ltd
3.3.24.    Shanghai HEADING Information Engineering Co.,Ltd
3.4.    Pearl River Delta Region
3.4.1.    Shenzhen Invengo Information Technology Co Ltd (Yuanwanggu)
3.4.2.    Sense Technology Co., Ltd.
3.4.3.    Eastcom Peace Smart Card Co Ltd
3.4.4.    Guangdong Tecsun Science & Technology Co. Ltd
3.4.5.    Shenzhen Hyan Microelectronic Co., Ltd
3.4.6.    Zhongshan Dahua Intelligent Technology Company Ltd
3.4.7.    Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan High Technology Corporation LTD
3.4.8.    Shenzhen Seaever Enterprise Co Ltd
3.4.9.    Shenzhen Promatic
3.4.10.    Shenzhen Lantag Intelligence Identification Systems Co Ltd
3.4.11.    Guangzhou XinTag Electronics Science and Technology Co. Ltd.
3.4.12.    Guangzhou Best Technology Holding Co Ltd
3.4.13.    Guangzhou Longsun Network Technology Co.
3.4.14.    Shenzhen Able Electronics Co Ltd
3.4.15.    Shenzhen Ket Industrial Co. Ltd
3.4.16.    Shenzhen Winteen Industry Co Ltd
3.4.17.    Guangdong Jinxiang Golden Card Co Ltd
3.4.18.    Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Holdings Ltd
3.4.19.    Guangzhou Bonny AIT Co., Ltd
3.4.20.    Semtech RFID Ltd
3.4.21.    Shenzhen Century Tide Smart Technology Co Ltd
3.4.22.    Guangzhou Lenx Automatic Identification Technology Co Ltd
3.4.23.    Guangzhou Honglimaowu Info Tech Co Ltd / Guangzhou Dahua Intelligence Tech Co Ltd
3.4.24.    RFID System and Supplies Ltd
3.4.25.    Shenzhen Advanced Identification Technology Ltd (AIT)
3.4.26.    Shenzhen RDM Tag Master Co., LTD.
3.4.27.    Shenzhen FTRD Industry Co.,Ltd
3.4.28.    GoldU Technologies & Trading Co., Ltd
3.4.29.    ELID (GZ) Electronics & Information Technology Ltd
3.4.30.    Guangzhou VAS Technology Co Ltd
3.4.31.    Shenzhen HQS Intelligence & Technology Co Ltd
3.4.32.    Shenzhen SeaTech Smart Technology Co., Ltd
3.4.33.    Shenzhen Eway Technology
3.4.34.    Shenzhen Hombus Tech Co Ltd.
3.4.35.    Guangzhou Yaxin Smart Card System Co Ltd
3.4.36.    Eastriver Smart Card System Co Ltd.
3.5.    Beijing Region
3.5.1.    Datang Microelectronics Technology Co. Ltd
3.5.2.    CEC Huada Electronic Design Co Ltd
3.5.3.    Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
3.5.4.    Watchdata Technologies
3.5.5.    Beijing Vision Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
3.5.6.    Aerospace Golden Card Co.
3.5.7.    Cantechs Technology Co Ltd
3.5.8.    Sparkice Inc
3.5.9.    Beijing Huahong IC Design Co., Ltd
3.5.10.    Beijing JTV Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd.
3.5.11.    Concord Unity International Ltd
3.5.12.    Beijing CVIC Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
3.5.13.    Beijing CLTC Co Ltd
3.5.14.    Beijing Winson Smart Labels Technology Research Centre
3.5.15.    Beijing Futianda Technology Ltd
3.5.16.    Acctrue Technology Co Ltd
3.5.17.    InterComm Technology Ltd
3.6.    Other Regions
3.6.1.    Codetag-Xinda Huicong Technology Co
3.6.2.    Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co Ltd
3.6.3.    Shandong Aluminium Electronic Technology Co Ltd
3.6.4.    Shandong Huaguan Smart Card Co Ltd
3.6.5.    Harbin Synjones Group
3.6.6.    Wuhan Public Electronic Project Co Ltd
3.6.7.    Wuhan IDTech Development Co Ltd
4.1.    Avery Dennison
4.2.    NXP Semiconductors (Formerly Philips)
4.3.    Savi Technology
4.4.    ASK TongFang
4.5.    Giesecke & Devrient
5.1.    Airlines and airports
5.1.1.    Airports in Mainland China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Baggage Tracking
5.1.2.    Hong Kong International Airport, Baggage Tracking
5.1.3.    Hong Kong International Airport, Food Trolleys
5.1.4.    Beijing Airport Logistics Park, Air Cargo
5.2.    Animals and Farming
5.2.1.    Poultry Monitoring
5.2.2.    Pig Tracking
5.2.3.    Pet Management, Guangdong, Shanghai
5.2.4.    Tagging Pandas in Captivity
5.2.5.    China Meat Research Center
5.2.6.    2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Food Tracking
5.3.    Books, Libraries, Archiving
5.3.1.    Shenzhen Library
5.3.2.    Jimei University Library, Xiamen
5.4.    Financial, Security, Safety
5.4.1.    China National ID Card
5.4.2.    Ministry of Communication, Transportation Certificate
5.4.3.    Ministry of Education, Student Discount Cards for Train Tickets
5.4.4.    Campus Cards
5.4.5.    Chinese Communist Party Congress
5.4.6.    Jiangsu Longton Jail
5.4.7.    Guizhou Coal Mines
5.4.8.    Gas Cylinders - Item Level Tagging
5.4.9.    Fireworks and Firecrackers - Case Level Tagging, Shanghai
5.4.10.    IPPC Stamps on Wood Packaging - Anti-counterfeiting
5.4.11.    UnionPay, NFC Phones
5.4.12.    SIMpass mobile phone contactless payment
5.5.    Healthcare
5.5.1.    Blood Bag Tracking
5.5.2.    Baby Tracking
5.5.3.    Medical Asset Tracking
5.5.4.    Medical Waste Management
5.6.    Land and Sea Logistics, Postal
5.6.1.    China Post
5.6.2.    METRO Group Buying Hong Kong, Container Tracking
5.6.3.    Warehouse management, Baisha, Shenzhen
5.6.4.    Shanghai Port - Yantai Port Pilot, Container Tracking
5.6.5.    Shanghai International Port, Container Tracking
5.6.6.    P G Logistics Group, Item Level
5.7.    Leisure, sports
5.7.1.    2008 Olympic Games, Beijing
5.7.2.    2005 ATP Shanghai Master Cup Tennis
5.7.3.    2005 Luciano Pavarotti Farewell Concert, Beijing
5.7.4.    2007 Special Olympic Games, Shanghai
5.7.5.    2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou
5.7.6.    2010 World Expo, Shanghai
5.7.7.    Attractions
5.7.8.    Marathons, tagging runners
5.7.9.    RFID Casino Chips, Crown Macau Casino
5.8.    Manufacturing
5.8.1.    China International Marine Containers Group, Yard Management
5.8.2.    Haier Group, Production Process Control
5.8.3.    Esquel, Cotton Tracking, Hong Kong
5.8.4.    Novetex Spinners Limited, Pallets and Cases
5.8.5.    Automotive Manufacturers, Vehicles and Parts Item Level
5.8.6.    Boeing - Parts, Tools & Instruments - Item Level
5.8.7.    Proview, Shenzhen
5.8.8.    Dell Computer, Xiamen
5.8.9.    VTech
5.8.10.    Philips, Wafer Cases
5.8.11.    Wuhan Steel Plant
5.8.12.    Yanzhou Mining Group, Vehicle Tracking
5.8.13.    Hong Kong MTRC, Stonework Item Level
5.9.    Military
5.9.1.    People's Liberation Army, Vehicle Plates
5.9.2.    Armed Police Force, Vehicle Plates
5.9.3.    People's Liberation Army, Asset Management
5.10.    Passenger Transport, Automotive
5.10.1.    Beijing, Contactless Transit Ticketing
5.10.2.    GuangZhou Transport Card
5.10.3.    Hong Kong Octopus Financial/ Transport Card
5.10.4.    Nanjing Mass Transit Payment Cards
5.10.5.    Shanghai Public Transportation Card
5.10.6.    Shenzhen, Transit Cards
5.10.7.    Beijing, Electronic Toll Collection
5.10.8.    Chengdu International Airport Highway, Vehicle Non-stop Road Tolling
5.10.9.    Chengdu Pengzhou Highway, Non-stop Tolling
5.10.10.    Foshan City, Toll Collection
5.10.11.    Guangdong Province, Unitoll Card, Non-stop Tolling
5.10.12.    Wuhan City, Toll Collection / Traffic Monitoring
5.10.13.    Other Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Projects
5.10.14.    Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) Project
5.10.15.    Rizhao Port, Vehicle Management
5.10.16.    China Customs, Vehicle Management
5.10.17.    Shanghai, Tracking Buses
5.10.18.    Taxis, Shenyang Municipal Transportation Bureau, and Shanghai
5.10.19.    Hangzhou City, Traffic Control
5.10.20.    Guang-Shen Railway, ticketing cards
5.10.21.    Shanghai, Tracking Trains
5.10.22.    ATIS, Ministry of Railways, Train Identification
5.10.23.    Train, Guangdong Railway Bureau
5.11.    Retail, Consumer Goods
5.11.1.    Bailian Group, Pallet-level, Warehouse Management
5.11.2.    Shanghai White Cat Co., Supply Chain Management
5.11.3.    Kedi Convenience Store Chain, Food Tray Management
5.11.4.    Sungod Enterprise Group Co Ltd, cashmere sweaters, Case Level
5.11.5.    Hong Kong Apparel
5.11.6.    National Tobacco #1 Project
5.11.7.    Kweichow Moutai Spirit, Anti-counterfeiting Labels, Item Level
5.11.8.    Shanghai, Condom Vending Machine
5.11.9.    Shanghai Women Merchandise Store, Personalised Customer Service
5.11.10.    South China Mall Shenzhen Future Shop, Item Level
6.    CHINA RFID MARKET 2008-2018
6.1.    Rise of the Chinese market
6.2.    Projected sales of RFID tags by territory
6.3.    Tags by application
6.3.2.    Increasing importance of the East Asian market
6.4.    Number of RFID projects by country
6.5.    Analysis of IDTechEx Knowledgebase case studies in China
6.5.1.    Tag location
6.5.2.    Project status
6.5.3.    Active/Passive
6.5.4.    Frequency band
6.5.5.    Read/Write
6.5.6.    Applications
6.5.7.    Tag shape
6.6.    Chinese use of RFID in the global context
1.1.    Where RFID tags are placed - categories used
1.2.    The approved usage of UHF band in China up to 2007
1.3.    Comparison of UHF regulation in Europe, North America, and China
1.4.    China's currently frequency allocation for RFID usage
1.5.    Major Applications by Frequencies
1.6.    Largest HF (cards and labels), UHF, and Microwave Orders to date in China
2.1.    Largest RFID deliveries in China to date (by tag volume)
2.2.    Potential imminent large RFID orders in China (by tag volume)
2.3.    Ultimate large RFID orders in China (by tag volume)
2.4.    Leading live pig suppliers in China (with ongoing RFID pilots highlighted)
2.5.    Links between RFID utilisation and IT budgets in Chinese hospitals
2.6.    Links between IT budget and hospital type, and location in China (with potential RFID users highlighted)
2.7.    Regions with highest investment on information technology in hospitals (with potential RFID users highlighted)
2.8.    Top 6 Car Manufacturing Countries in the world (2006)
2.9.    Top 7 car manufacturers in China (sales in 2006), with ongoing RFID practice highlighted
2.10.    Largest motorbike manufacturers in China (sales in 2006), with ongoing RFID practice highlighted
2.11.    Major tyre manufacturers' presence in China
2.12.    Chinese container manufacturers' market share in global container market (with ongoing RFID practice highlighted)
2.13.    Global market leaders in ship building industry
2.14.    Larger public transit cards
3.1.    Major Economic Indicators for The Yangtze River Delta cities (2005)
3.2.    Largest RFID Operations in China (sorted by sales revenue); with national ID card scheme contractors highlighted
3.3.    Chinese RFID operations' positions in global league table (sorted by sales revenue)
3.4.    Major Chinese RFID operations categorised by value chain positions and specialised frequencies
3.5.    Fudan Microelectronics 2005-2006 Financial Report
5.1.    Progress of Chinese national ID card issuing
5.2.    List of RFID suppliers to Chinese national ID card scheme
5.3.    Global market for China National ID cards 2008-2018
5.4.    Characteristics of market for China ID card 2008-2018
5.5.    Key components
5.6.    Comparison of MTR's new RFID process with the conventional manual approach
6.1.    Total RFID Market Projections in US dollar billions 2008-2018
6.8.    Number of RFID tags, in millions, sold in China by RFID application sector
6.9.    Average price of RFID tags sold in China, by application sector, in US dollars
6.10.    Total spend on RFID tags sold in China, by application sector, in millions of US dollars
6.11.    Total RFID market value in China in millions of dollars
6.12.    Major market drivers for RFID in China by applicational category 2008-2018
1.1.    The RFID value chain
1.2.    Number of case studies
2.1.    EH0218 handheld contactless smart card reader from Shenzhen Smart Able
3.1.    Huahong NEC's first fab
3.2.    Huahong NEC's second fab
3.3.    Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Company is heavily exporting RFID cards and tickets
3.4.    Raifu's patented UHF interrogator for warehouse management, logistics, and production process control,
3.5.    Raifu's patented UHF interrogator for access control, production process control
3.6.    Rio card with printed antenna
3.7.    Hyan student rail discount labels with five turn antenna screen printed with silver ink.
3.8.    Hyan Anti-conterfeit HF labels for Chinese car manufacturer, FAW Volkswagen
3.9.    Longsun supplies Acitve RFID container e-seals to China Customs
3.10.    The first RFID labels flip chip manufacturing device in China
3.11.    315MHz RFID tag and reader for mine safety
3.12.    Guangzhou Honglimaowu Info Tech Co Ltd / Guangzhou Dahua Intelligence Tech Co Ltd is manufacturer of contactless smart cards, HF and UHF RFID labels
3.13.    Vision Electronics is the market leader for interrogators for mining safety
3.14.    ASGCC contactless smart cards interrogator for highway tolling
3.15.    Cantechs' 20,000 sq metres auto-id research centre in Shenyang City
3.16.    Beijing Winson Smart Labels Technology Research Centre specialises in passive RFID technology
3.17.    Synjones contactless smart card interrogator
3.18.    Synjones interrogator for national ID cards (handheld, floor, tabletop)
5.1.    Shanghai Pudong Airport, luggage tagging pilot
5.2.    RFID tag for poultry from Shanghai Shenbo
5.3.    Sichuan pig tagging
5.4.    The Chinese national ID card does not include a microprocessor for highest security
5.5.    Student discount card for train tickets.
5.6.    Mining safety would be one of the most likely application areas
5.7.    Millions of the gas cylinders had been fitted with RFID labels by early 2007
5.8.    IPPC Stamp
5.9.    EPCglobal-compliant RFID system announced by China Post
5.10.    System playing a key role in guaranteeing the safety of building projects
5.11.    People's Liberation Army, Vehicle Plates
5.12.    RFID vehicle plates
5.13.    ETC system at Beijing Airport Highway
5.14.    Electronic toll collection system reduces congestion at busy toll booths
5.15.    The TIRIS 915 MHz AVI system
5.16.    Single-use RFID tickets per year each embedded with a contactless Mifare UltraLight chip
5.17.    Locomotive tags and carriage tags
5.18.    Tabletop and handheld reader
5.19.    Antenna on rail.
5.20.    Shipments are tagged in distribution centres
5.21.    White Cat Co and Modern Logistics Co. jointly conducted a pilot to deploy RFID technology
5.22.    Readers and tags
5.23.    200 RFID condom distribution machines appeared in Shanghai in November 2004
5.24.    The mobile phone 'charm' and kiosk reader
5.25.    Wincor Nixdorf trial in Germany
6.1.    Top ten countries by number of case studies on the IDTechEx RFID Knowledgebase 2008
6.2.    RFID Tag location in China
6.3.    Project status in China
6.4.    Active/Passive in China
6.5.    Frequency band in China
6.6.    Read/Write in China
6.7.    Applications in China
6.8.    Tag shape in China

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