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Takeaway Festival 2006

David Muth: Processing
David Muth: Creative Computing
Jaromil: dyne:bolic
Roger Rees: Online Magazine Workshop
Mute: POD Populi - self-publishing postcards from the edge of the Web
Dirk Waldik: Social mapping-Flash/Web 2.0
Adam Burt: Pod casting
Rama/ Burn Station
Matthias Kispert: DIY Music Making
Jim Wood: Max Objects Makeover
James Smith, Lisa Haskel: Open Source Learning
Alexei Blinov: Hive Networks
Jon Cambeul: Wacom Guitar
The Handydandy
Julean Simon: wax2- midi wind controller concert
Akamatsu & Oishi: Breadboard band
Neal White: Context is half the work
Prof. Robin Baker: A new learning environment
Armin Medosch: Welcome and Introduction
Karel Dudesek: The design of conflicts in the era of political correctness
Dr. Gernot Tscherteu: Meme Tracking - Tools To Track How Ideas, Concepts And News Spread Over The Net
Mike Phillips: Auto-Creativity V1.7
Reto Wettach: Physical Interaction Design
Giles Lane, George Roussos & Natalie Jeremijenko: Robotic Feral Public Authoring
Shu Lea Cheang: Selling it, buy one get one
Rainer Prohaska: Construction of Hybrid Realities
Richard Gras: Machinima - MakingMovies With Video games
Magz Hall: Expanding your music audience
Miles Metcalfe: From VLE to PLE - how a personal learning environment empowers the new creative
Michael Breidenbruecker: Mainstream of Minorities
Something: Do Something, Be someth;ng
Jamie King: Copyright and the new technological environment
Hans Bernhard: Proactive in Collectives and Corporations
Mirror Me - Live Cinema
Corrugation Street
Farmer Brown's Journal
Tactile ball
MPAA (Mobile Phone Abusers Anonymous)
GORI.Node Garden – Gardening Two
DIY printer
iScratch - iPod tool
Project Scriabin
Mobile theater
Splash of interaction
AfterImage - Mind Frame
Digital Palestine Israel